Several Great Driveway Border Ideas That Aren’t Too Costly

The curb appeal of any property is what makes the first impression on potential buyers and neighbors, so it’s rather important. While the exterior paint, siding, and landscape are all crucial when it comes to elevating the look and value of a home, the driveway edging is another important part of the picture. The driveway borders create an aesthetic margin between the driveway and lawn and come in a variety of styles and materials. A driveway border can be suited to match any design or budget.

Borders Are Crucial for the Longevity of Every Driveway

Driveway borders have more functionality than just boosting the curb appeal of a property. Any asphalt driveway, for example, should have borders because otherwise, the soft material will start crumbling at the edges. Edging a driveway will also secure its sides and prevent cracks. Here are some driveway edging types that can prolong the life of most driveways.

Stones and Concrete Pavers Are Always a Good Choice of Driveway Borders

Being a sturdy, slip-resistant outdoor flooring option, concrete pavers are easy to install and come in a wide range of designs and textures that make them easy to customize and fit into any driveway. Also, concrete paver edges are ideal for asphalt driveways, and that makes them a practical solution. Another good option is using driveway edging stones like Belgian blocks or cobblestone. Those are particularly popular because they’re durable and great for climates with harsh winters. Such stones can be found in a variety of sizes and colors, so people can find the perfect ones to contrast against their driveways. Still, edging stones are costly and require additional preparation when it comes to the installation. On the positive side, though, they’re easy to maintain.

Border Landscaping Can Be Used as a Natural Driveway Edging

Plants and flowers can be made into a driveway edging that adds to the natural aesthetic of the property and serves a practical purpose. This makes it very appealing, especially among people with gardening experience. It’s easy to lay a flower bed along the driveway, but such an edging typically requires more upkeep. It should be used in places with moderate climates so plants can bloom and make it all the more beautiful. Many great border plants can be considered, including ferns, monkey grass, spurge plants, and barberry shrubs. Plants for driveway edging should be chosen based on the type of landscaping and on how well they can withstand pests, diseases, and drought.

Gravel Is a Simple and Very Cost-Effective Driveway Border Option

People who live in rainy areas should consider gravel borders for their driveways. Gravel is great at keeping rainwater from washing out the lawn or soil and is also one of the most cost-effective options available. It comes in a variety of colors and custom shapes that can match any exterior design. Crushed concrete, crushed shells, and pea gravel can all be used and are among the more affordable stones. Gravel is also easy to install because it can simply be placed in a shallow trench around the driveway. The only downside is that fresh gravel should be added every few years.

Some People Prefer Brick Driveway Borders for a More Classic Look

While clay bricks come in only brown and red colors, they’re an attractive material for driveway borders. Clay bricks are considered a more classic look, and while they come at a higher cost, their durability makes them a worthy investment. Mass-produced bricks are a good option for people who want to keep the cost of their driveway border down. Laying down brick pavers is not at all an easy or quick process, but the bricks require no upkeep once they’re set in place.