5 Essential Items Every 35 Year Old Needs in Their Garage

When you reach 35 years of age, there is a good chance that you might start thinking of purchasing your very own home. Moreover, you might have a garage and it is important to keep that storage space in order. Here are five essential items that every garage needs.

Power Tool Organizer

Power tools are difficult to store away, especially when a lot of them are pretty big and awkward. Look no further though than this organizer, which is specifically designed to hold all of your power tools.

“I would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for an organizational solution for tools in their garage or elsewhere,” one buyer said. “There is also ample room on top of the device to fit a couple of battery chargers and spare batteries.”

Garden Tool Organizer

The following item is an Amazon best-seller and for a good reason. Perfect for storing brooms, shovels, rakes and many other important garden tools, you can’t afford to not have this at your disposal.

“I purchased one to organize the garden tools (rake, hoe, cultivator, shovel, etc.) in our garage and by alternating the tops of the tools up/down, was able to fit them neatly in the holder,” one buyer said.

Storage Hooks

Sometimes, all it takes are some useful hooks to keep everything in order. What makes this item so awesome is the anti-slip surface, adding even more security to your items.

“They are very sturdy, the orange cover is very strong and appears quite durable and with 10 in the box (of various sizes/shapes), I’ll have plenty to hang all of my tools,” one buyer said.

Overhead Storage Rack

Sometimes, it makes sense to make use of all of your garage space. That’s where this overhead storage rack comes into play.

“Purchased this to organize my garage. Installation went well, straightforward if you know how to use a drill. Strength wise is much stronger than needed and should last for a long time,” one buyer noted.

Sports Equipment Rack

This rack will make sure that all of your sports stuff is in one convenient place. Is can hold everything, from shoes and gloves to balls and hats.

“Functionally, the rack works really well at organizing all our small sports equipment,” one buyer said. “I’m so glad I’m not chasing the basketballs down the driveway anymore.”