3 Ways a Property Owner Can Renovate a Kitchen on a Budget

3 Ways a Property Owner Can Renovate a Kitchen on a BudgetWhen you’re contemplating a major kitchen renovation (or even just a minor room update), all of these opulent touches might easily cause you to go over budget. To stay within your budget without compromising flair, implement kitchen design ideas that appear more expensive than they are. Modern paint colors, stylish cabinet hardware, and an eye-catching backsplash may all change your kitchen. Here are some clever ways to create a kitchen that appears pricey.

#1. Luxurious Kitchen Lighting

Beautiful white kitchen with large marble island.
Often, outdated light fixtures are one of the first features in a kitchen that reveals its age. Consider updating the pendant lighting in your kitchen or adding accent lighting, such as sconces, in a strategic location.

#2. New Appliances

If outdated appliances are detracting from the beauty and functionality of your kitchen, consider an upgrade. Replace a single expensive appliance, such as the refrigerator, until you can afford a renovation. This equipment requires a significant amount of space in the kitchen, so a streamlined, high-quality refrigerator will elevate the entire space. Consider purchasing an affordable floor model to save money on premium appliances. Alternately, look through the “scratch and dent” area for appliances with minor signs of wear. Before purchasing, make sure to inspect the item thoroughly, inside and outside.

#3. Stylish Cabinets Hardware

Consider kitchen hardware (drawer pulls, hinges, cabinet knobs) as the jewelry of the room. Similar to throwing on a big necklace, these are the accessories that may provide instant glitz and brilliance to a room. Look for knobs made from opulent materials, such as mother of pearl and bronze.

If you’re not replacing or repainting the cabinets themselves, search for hardware that matches the existing holes in your cabinets; otherwise, you’ll have to fill and re-drill the holes for the new hardware. This is particularly crucial when purchasing drawer pulls, so measure carefully before purchasing.