A Celebrity Stylist Explains How to Dress for Beach Weddings

A Celebrity Stylist Explains How to Dress for Beach Weddings

Nausheen Shah, a celebrity stylist, understands what it takes to keep Hollywood’s leading men looking dapper. Shah is the creative genius behind the ageless looks of well-known figures like Kit Harrington of Game of Thrones and Eternals fame. Because of her formal design expertise and seasoned editorial eye, Shah’s clients set the standard for easy elegance beyond the red carpet. Here are some of the recommendations for a modern look for a beach wedding.

The Stylist’s Choice – Light Colors

The stylist recommends choosing lightweight fabrics and hues for summer gatherings. She suggests wearing suits made from breathable materials such as linen and in lighter tones such as beige, brown, and blue. If you want to take your stylish look to the next level, you may consider stacking complementary textures and colors. Mixing mood board colors such as different hues of brown or blue is always a good idea, but you should keep it simple. Regarding event-specific accessories, Shah recommends incorporating the environment. You can find raffia slippers, slides, and other items that allow you to interact with the elements. Classic footwear such as loafers and espadrilles is always a wise choice.

Custom-Tailored Clothes

Tailoring scissors, spool of thread and white measuring tape on fabric.

Shah notes that even if you locate a brand of unicorn clothing that fits you off the rack, you shouldn’t be surprised if your reality turns out to be very different. She argues that there is a reason why department stores and brands like Suitsupply have popularized accessible suiting that includes tailoring services. On the red carpet, it’s easy to recognize a well-fitting suit, but in a store or even at home, it may be more difficult.

Confidence Is Crucial

According to the famous stylist, there are two important aspects to consider while dressing for special occasions: the event’s context and your unique style. It depends on the individual and their disposition. Are those shoes sneakers or loafers? It depends entirely on your destination, the time of day, and your personality. Whether you’re uncertain about the dress code, you can always ask the host or location if there are any specific guidelines. First, you should constantly ensure your comfort to exude confidence. In the end, style is all about your swagger and your level of comfort. If you lack confidence, there is no style.