How to Get James McAvoy’s Magnificent Textured Hairstyle and Beard

As good as James McAvoy is in any job, seeing him shave off his thick, textured, never-receding hair is devastating (he did it for X-Men: Apocalypse and Split in 2016). That’s why it is so good to see his fantastic mane – volume, texture, waves, and flair, again. Here is how to get it.

How to Get James McAvoy’s Magnificent Textured Hairstyle and BeardJames McAvoy’s Natural Texture

The conventional comb-over was tweaked to fit McAvoy’s natural texture. The finish was, of course, natural in appearance—not too formal, but just right. If you want to try it for yourself, take a cue from London barbers Bradley Smith of Bradley Smith Hair Heathrow and Aaron Gibson of Sharps Barber and Shop. They’ll also include some extra advice on how to imitate and maintain James McAvoy’s beard.

The Kind of Hair Required

The truth is painful: To get this off, Gibson believes you’ll need a strong hairline and medium thickness. He says that side parting is a versatile hairstyle that works for many hair types. However, if your hair is thinning or very fine, you should avoid this one because it will highlight your hair loss.

James McAvoy Hairstyle and BeardWhat to Tell the Barber

When you go to the barber, ask them for an unkempt version of the side parting, ultimately a textured and messier variation with length on top, roughly three inches. Hopefully, they will know what they’re doing, but here’s some extra information: Over a comb, they should scissor-cut along the back and sides. This should leave you with a length of one inch or less. Then, to lighten the bulk and help the style collaborate, they should texturize the top and merge it into the sides.

How to Maintain It

You should go to the barber once a month for cleanups (4-5 weeks, Gibson estimates as the ideal timeframe). This allows for movement on the top. Also, it’s imperative to clean up the neck hair and edges in an unkempt side parting, to keep the James McAvoy style looking sharp.

James McAvoy PortraitHow to Style

Smith recommends starting by defining your portion with the end of a fine-tooth comb. You can start by shaking your hair to observe how it splits, and your part should be easy to locate. Then, spray the style with a few sprays of hair tonic and massage it in from the roots. If something goes wrong, this tonic will allow it to be restyled and tweaked throughout the day.

How to Get the Beard

To have the same beard as James McAvoy, Smith recommends trimming your beard every 2-3 days using a 4- or 5-guard to keep it at this length. For a rounded look, use the two-finger approach above the Adam’s Apple when cutting the neckline.