Top 3 Outfit Options for Men to Raise Their Casual Style During Winter

There is no shame in investing in brand-new, comfortable clothing. True, the last two years have seen a dramatic shift in our daily attire. However, each deviation from the norm has ultimately resulted in men becoming more savvy shoppers. Consider this: Rather than making frivolous impulse purchases or succumbing to the hype surrounding overly trendy pieces, your winter wardrobe investments are more targeted, allowing you to focus on what provides comfort, what is necessary to combat the elements, and which garments are versatile enough to be worn on repeat.

Top 3 Outfit Options for Men to Raise Their Casual Style During WinterChoosing the Perfect Winter Clothing Can Be Difficult

Even with the appropriate winter clothing, it can be difficult for any guy to determine what to pair together for the optimal level of comfort without sacrificing cool style. The ideal winter ‘fit should appear casual, effortless, and incorporate all your favorite comfortable pieces. While your formal suiting and neckties have been relegated to the back of your closet, we’ve compiled a list of essential winter outfit ideas for all cold-weather occasions, from cozy WFH hours to weekend walks on snowy trails. You may already have a few of these wardrobe essentials in your closet, which is fantastic. However, if you do not, consider these high-quality duds to be worthwhile investments that will ensure you cover all your bases this winter.

#1. Below Freezing Outfits

When confronted with harsh winter conditions, does it matter how they look? Perhaps not, but that does not mean you cannot purchase fashionable winter gear for your daily movements in frigid temperatures. Begin with your winter coat, which is the most critical layer in combating the cold. Choose a windproof, waterproof, insulating, and easy-care down jacket. While the price tag may be prohibitively high, well-made outerwear can withstand the elements for many winters to come. For added protection, a long-sleeve tee with built-in heat technology is ideal for providing additional warmth without adding unnecessary bulk to your torso.

#2. City Sweats

Who says sweatpants can’t be stylish? Take to the city streets wearing a winter coat to add structure and tailoring to your relaxed sweatpants. If your sweatpants or fleece pants have a minimalist vibe, inject some style into your winter ensemble by adding printed pieces and graphic garb. A simple retro sneaker provides the ideal counterpoint to your street-ready ensemble. Finally, it’s time to mask up—but choose something that complements the overall style vibe you’re going for—those disposable face masks simply will not do.

#3. Winter Workout Enthusiast

Given the amount of time spent indoors during the winter, taking your workout outside provides a welcome change of scenery. Nonetheless, your winter gear must be light enough to help you improve your fitness game without impairing your performance. All you need are a few additional layering pieces for added warmth, such as leggings to wear under your workout shorts and a stretchy-yet-insulating puffer jacket to pair with your graphic running tee. Simple and elegant.